Gulf’s Catch

Beautiful sunset vibrant at eve
   radiant colors coo and bring peace
Mixtures of yellows and warm melodies,
   reds come at gentle night’s breeze.

Festival of day’s end celebrated in color
   as orange sun, pink clouds blend with each other
Gulf Stream breeze atop ocean’s glass flat
   creatures beneath
     in dusk’s trapezoid rays bask.

Lively things feed in boat’s passing, break-glass
   blue-gray sky’s lines against darkness lose track
Quiet fish tails and fins
   surround shark’s sleek back
As eyes to canal captain’s aim keeps track.

Gothic-green needle swimmers
   arch against almost black
Fading light on scales shimmer
   as captain’s gaze keeps track.

. . . then in whites of eyes glimmer,
as day’s thoughts come back.

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