Psalm 1 (from Psalms Paraphrased in Prose)

1Happy are those
Who do not know
The advice of the wicked
Or take the path
Sinners hath
To join the ungodly amidst harsh thickets.
2Instead they dwell on the law of the Lord
Finding their joy as they adore
These meditations both day and night
The trees
Watered by streams
Then baring fruit in springs
   by leaves which never die.
These few do well
Unable to fail
Simply by the grace of god.

4Evil men are not like this at all
But are more like the chaff or straw
Which blow away
In the gusts of day.
5These sinners be separated,
Sinners be damned
Who choose to work outside God’s plan,
6For our Father over the path of the righteous will watch
Unlike the ways of the wicked
   which lead only to rot.

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