Expunged from Lucky Shores

from An Eye of Another Color

Cheers! Cheers!
And the clanging ring of glasses.
Beers! Beers! Beers!
Fizzing to the tops and splashing!
Camaraderie and banding
Amongst the drunken masses.
Irish songs and melodies
All to impress the pretty lasses.

See here, you there,
What’s with all the clashing?
To health, and love, and prosperity, sir,
The happy men all are dancing!

What spares them well
To tell their tales
As the shillings keep on a-flashing?

Haven’t you heard
The news, good sir?
Our country’s ranks are advancing.

Their Armada’s gone,
Though their island spared,
The Virgin Queen is rotting.
Red coats! Red Coats!
The scarlet fleet goes in masses!
With them their oppression
And all their Queen’s hassles
All they represent, and all we abhor
Expunged from lucky shores.

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