Dusk 2

Dusk presents.
Almost the day’s end, but not quite.
Her colors hidden the rest of the day
Finally she comes out to play
For only a brief few moments.
Then with the loss of the light
She yields to the night
And slips from sight.

Her warm silhouettes dance round the shadows
Her heavenly hues creep through the meadows
And I’m the only fellow
Who thought it worth the stay
To see her today.

It’s a common misconception
That Twilight
Precedes each night
Yet I’ve kept an eye
On the Summer sky
And seen her only twice.

I tried to tease
Out the intricacies
Of her infrequent manifestations.
With charts and graphs
Yielding only sass
And little or nothing about her behavior.
What brings her about
Or when she’ll come out
I still must say I’m unsure.
But this I know
Without hesitation
She’s outside the bounds of my imagination
Which now brings my mind peace
Putting me at ease
Having taught me the value of patience.

So every day on the verge of eve
I settle my affairs and take my leave
So that by seven-oh-five
I leave my ride
And make my way
On my daily expedition.
I find a tree
And settle into a cozy position
Where I sit quietly waiting
Knowing there’s no use in baiting
As her appearance is something truly independent.

Some days she’s there
And others elsewhere
But still I come and sit.
Never interacting
I find myself laughing
With the smile she keeps on her face.
All sorrow abates
When her light illuminates
Giving depth and light to an otherwise hollow shadow.

Some days skip straight to night
Without a hint of Twilight.
And on those occasions
I do miss the magic.

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