Glorious White Light

(from An Eye of Another Color)

Glorious, white light.
Envelope me.
Burn me.
Cleanse me.
Consume all my evil raw bits
Continue with the fire no matter how I twitch
or scream.

In the midst of the fusion stream
All my dreams radiate in light
More than they ever did in life.
And with the help of searing heat
I just might give birth to something bright,
A balance to right the dark coal and decay in this fumbling bag of flesh devoid of meaning.

Applaud the fireworks
Given off with each crackle and burst;
Sensations and tickles in your occipital lobe,
From the burning of my skull,
Fueled by oxygen and the ignition of my bones.
It’s good they’re broken and burned
Unable to turn toys for weapons of mass destruction.

Don’t miss out on this point of instruction.
Call it an intervention,
The prevention of pillage and rape.
Cheer at the screams
Propelled by lungs enflamed.
Justify my execution.
Call it justice instead of persecution.
Turn the gas up
To cover the smell of burning hair up.
Crank it, raise the Kelvin hotter
Burn my wickedness, and make of me a martyr.

Roast your Children’s marshmallow smores on the remnants of my simmering core.
Should a single one smile, my burning was worth while.
Now may you all live in peace,
Having burned every piece of me
In the all-consuming flames of the glorious white light.

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